Personal-ty welcome YouTube play


1 event @ $1,500 + flight $450 + hotel $500 + dining $240 = $2,690

On top of that, they'll invest endless hours of recording video content, contacting influencers, and collaborating with other top performers.

10 hours per week x 52 = 520 hours at $150 per hour = $78,000

That's a total of $80,690!!!

Are you getting enough out of each experience? With 1:1 Personal!ty coaching you’ll turn these expenses into profit.

Imagine staring as a guest on multiple platforms with precision and finesse

...Engaging thousands of listeners via video or on a lit up stage -

Influencers mentioning you by name...

All it takes is 1 amazing conversation to change your life for the better.

Sure, you could take a course or even research and find a lot of information online - but how do you know you’re implementing it right?

⇒ instant feedback

When you submit your videos via the video feedback page, you get get detailed video feedback [average 21-29 minutes] of customized analysis of your video

⇒ emergency coaching

You land a TV or radio interview and it's in 2 days. You've just spent $2,500 on a trip to a 3-day conference and find out in addition to Selena Soo, Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn being there, there will be a film crew interviewing attendees!

For when you need to perform your best and squelch the nerves I'll be right here to block off my time to refine you intensely into a social powerhouse that connects confidently with your audience and the influencers you someday hope to call friends.

⇒ we work until it’s right. Always.

As a once-starting-out TV host I personally understand the challenges of speaking on camera and publically. As a producer, I understand what it takes to excite and educate an audience and everything in between.

I promise to give you MORE than I offer. I promise to deliver value every time. I gladly assume the care over my clients - now it’s up to them to take the steps - but they can take them in full confidence because I am beside them EVERY step of the way.

⇒ 60 day 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not speaking/performing more polished, authentic, clear and interestingly.

My goal is to polish you so well that you’re ECSTATIC about the results. However, if for any reason you’ve implemented my teachings and exercises and you’re not satisfied with your results within 60 days - I will refund the full amount.

If you're SERIOUS about your desire to be respected and adored in your industry, contact me to schedule a 2 HOUR coaching intensive. I'm so confident that you'll get so much value out of me in these 2 hours - I'll waive my $300 fee.


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